Thierry Theys

I already knew I wanted to become a chef when I was little. This passion was inspired by my grandmother and has only grown since. In 2008, I launched Nuance in Duffel. Cooking is my passion and my life.

Every day I try to get the best out of myself, my team and my ingredients. This is the only way to continually improve and make sure every guest enjoys a unique experience. We work together on striving for perfection, elegance in the dishes and, above all, progress in every aspect.

Seeing my guests enjoying my dishes makes me really happy.

Restaurant Nuance

Twelve years ago, my wife Sofie and I started ‘Nuance’, on a hunch and with complete dedication. For me, it meant a childhood dream coming true, while Sofie was able to live out her passion after studying hotel management. After two years, we obtained our first star, the second followed a year later.

Nuance is all about class and cosiness. At our restaurant, you can expect the very best food, a flawless service and a cosy atmosphere in a beautiful decor that was renovated in 2020. We also want to keep moving forward with our menu and our service.

Our signature: colourful plates which exude elegance and dishes which prioritise the ingredients and flavours. In this respect, we always consider ecological and local ingredients, local suppliers and sustainability.

We’re never too old to learn and gladly take into account the wishes and expectations of the modern customer. Thanks to our drive for innovation and improvement, we continually amaze our guests with everything, down to the smallest detail.

I still design every aspect of my dishes and my wife Sofie always knows how to serve them with a smile. She’s aware of how important hospitality is. Sofie’s my ally and my extension in the restaurant.

We share a genuine love for the profession and friendly service, because we’re only happy when our customers are!

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Nuance - Over ons - Thierry Theys

Nuance exists 15 years

Come celebrate with us and receive a unique gift after your dinner or lunch.

Thierry & Sofie

15 years Nuance

Come celebrate with us and receive a unique gift after your dinner or lunch.

Thierry & Sofie