About Nuance

Thierry Theys

Since I was a child I have known that I wanted to be a chef, a passion that was passed on to me by my grandmother. I started with Nuance in Duffel in 2008 and opened Bistro Vintage in Kontich in 2014. Cooking is my passion and my life.


Every day I strive to get the best out of myself, my team and my ingredients. It has to be like that in order to improve all the time and to provide each guest with a unique experience. Seeing my guests enjoying themselves is what really makes me happy.


You may know Thierry Theys from his programme on Njam TV. He was previously chosen as ‘Inventive Chef of the Year’ and ‘Top Young Chef in Flanders’. Nuance has been awarded two Michelin stars and Gault&Millau consistently awards the restaurant marks of 16 and 17 out of 20. Thierry is currently dividing his attention between Nuance, Bistro Vintage, his wife Sofie and their daughter Morgane.

Restaurant Nuance

Nuance revolves around quality and atmosphere. Here you will find the best dishes and the best ambiance, with attractive décor and faultless service. Nuance is a little bit of Paris with a personal touch.


We want to keep on evolving both our cuisine and our service, which is why we have decided after seven years to create a new interior, a new house style and a new website. Our basic values are still the same!


I still prepare my dishes the way I like them and my wife Sofie always serves them with a smile. She knows the importance of hospitality. She is my help and support and an asset in the restaurant.